A perfect day.

Assalamualaikum. Just gonna post some photos of me and my BFF spending our time together yesterday (23/12/12). Having our lunch at De Pauh Garden. And then off to Jusco Perda to watch movies and stuffs.

My Bieber List.

Assalamualaikum. So um, today I would love to update about my addiction, his name is Justin Drew Bieber. Though we've never met, he still inspires me in many ways. If you're one of the haters, it's okay. Just get the hell out from my cute little blog. I would update about things or maybe facts about Justin according to my memory, no books, no internet. Here we go...

- Justin was born in London, Ontario, Canada at 12:56am in St Judes Hospital.
- Pattie Mallette is his mum, and Jeremy Bieber is his dad.
- He has a little sister and brother Jazmyn and Jaxon.
- Justin has/had a dog called Sammy.
- Justin's bestfriends from even before the fame where Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers. 
- Justin grew up in Stratford.
- Scooter Braun is Justin’s manager.
- Scooter found Justin on youtube because he clicked on the wrong video, and Justin’s came up instead.
- Justin dated Caitlin Beadles for a while, after Caitlin he had a little thing going with Jasmine Villegas and  then after that he officially started dating Selena Gomez.
- Justin had a hamster called PAC, but he recently gave it away to a fan
- Justin had a snake called Johnson that he took down the red carpet with him at an awards show
- Justin has six albums. My World, My World 2.0, My World Acoustic, Never Say Never (remixes), Under The Mistletoe and Believe.
- Justin’s favourite cereal is Captain Crunch
- Justin’s favourite candy use to be Sour Patch Kids, but then fans use to give them to him all the time to the point that he didn’t like them as much as he use to.
- Justin is left handed.
- Justin has never won a Grammy, he has only been nominated
- Justin met a young girl called Avalanna, he ‘married’ her and he flew her out to see him often, Avalanna recently passed away and he dedicated his first Believe tour concert to her.
- Justin is the second most followed person on Twitter behind Lady Gaga.
- Justin’s house is in Calabasas, California.
- Justin was on the cover of Forbes magazine
- Justin got the scar on his face from when he was a kid. He said he thinks it makes him look like a ‘badass’
- Justin made the word “Swaggy” and called Scooter up at 3am in the morning to confirm that is was spelt “Swaggy” not “Swaggie”
- Justin’s parents split when he was around 10 months old
- Justin original youtube account was ‘kidrauhl’
- Justin has the most viewed youtube channel
- The first video that was uploaded onto Justin’s kidrauhl channel was of him singing “So Sick by Neyo” the video was originally uploaded so his grandmother on his fathers side would be able to watch it. But it quickly went viral, and that’s where his career started.
- Justin received his Fisker Karma from Scooter on the Ellen DeGeneres show, as his 18th birthday present.
Okay, that's it. All come at the top off my head. Not much. I bet most beliebers know lots than this. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! I love you. Assalamualaikum and may you have a very nice day :) x

The end of 2012.

Assalamualaikum to my dearest awesome stalker.
So how was your day? I bet it was full with fun and joy. Just say Alhamdulillah for every moment you live. It's not the happiness that we're supposed to count in our life, it's about the things happening around us. Well, yknow what I mean. So, today is 4th Dec 2012. Yes peeps, 2012 is about to end! And for me, i've ended my highschool moment which is full with memories, and stuffs. I'll be missing my classmates for sure, though we always fight againts each other. Iqa & Nana! I won't forget both of you till my last breath. And yeah, the-so-called SPM moment, it was fucking depressing but tralala i'm free baby. I've done my best and InsyaAllah I could achieve them with flying colours.

It's December and i've ended my highschool years, like I just said just now. Does it means, i'm actually gaining my freedom? No, I don't think so. But freedom-for-awhile, yes. Would have to wait untill college moment fuck my life. Since 28th Nov, I've been working at McD, near Autocity. Which means, i've been working there for a week. Nothing to complain, everyone loves me, I guess hahahaha. All of the crew were so kind and friendly, they treat me nice. They make me laugh. It's like they're my new friends, I mean they were so kinda replaced my friends in highschool. And yes we fight sometimes. But no, I'm not that kind of person who forgot old friends once a person get a new friend.

In McD, i'm the runner. I look at the screen that hang somewhere, and then the products would appear, all I have to do is take the product and put them on a tray. It's kinda hard but once you used to it, it's a piece of cake. The moment when there's lots of customer, omg I really hate that moment. For seriously it's killing me. But when i'm thinking of my salary while doing my job, everything goes very well and the manager would praise me. And yeahh, I'll be very glad, and wink wink at other crew hahahaha. No, kidding. I won't do such thing at other crew, i'm a good girl. Okay I lied. But I'm a good girl.

Next, let's talk about my love story. My relationship status went from "single" to "still single". It's been months, and i'm still alive! One of the prove that I could live without someone called boyfriend. I'm born without you, means I can live without you. So, to those girls who thinks "I can't live without him." Get up! Open your eyes! Shake your ass! *Not important. Move on, you can do it, you'll be okay without him. Okay. Hmm idk, i'm not sure whether i'm ready or not to be in a relationship, well um there's a big scar yknow. A very big. I ignored all this guy who would love to treat me right, am I stupid? Well, maybe. I do have a big crush on someone at my school, but it's just for fun, his name is Syazani. He's too handsome for me. Every time we bump, there would be a very big smile on my face. Everyday when i'm on my way back home from school, i'll watch him from the bridge. No, he didn't notice me at all. To be with him was like... no chance at all? A guy like him, a girl like me, never. Pathetic and sad, yeah I know.

So, i'll turn eighteen in August 2013. They said, eighteen was like the most awesome teenager's year, really? Why? Because you're allowed to watch all those one colour movies? Well yknow what I mean. No, I don't think so. I bet most guy have watched those movies though they're not allowed. Hahahahahahaha okay i'm wordless already. That's all for today. May you all have a very good time in your life! Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum.

Only a letter.

Dear friend, I can’t believe you can judge me and act like everything is okay. It’s not. You’re suppose to be my friend. A friend I can trust and go to when I’m falling apart. Except you sit there, talk bad about me, and judge me. Is that really what you think of me? Is that how you show your friends that you care? I’m not a bad person and you’re not better than me.Yes, I admit I’ve made mistakes. I did things I’m not proud of. I use to be someone else. I’m trying so hard to right those wrongs and to make sure I don’t make those mistakes again. I’m trying to not be that person I hate. I’m trying to show everyone that I have changed. It hasn’t been an easy road.At times people stumble and fall back into their old habits, that’s what I did. I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry that it’s so easy to give into temptation. I’m sorry that I’m not perfect. Your judgement doesn’t make me feel any better. Your judgement doesn’t right my wrongs. Your judgement shows the type of person you are and the type of friend you are.I’m stronger than yesterday. I’ll keep trying to improve until I’m the best I can be. I’m not going to give up, but thank you for showing me where we stand.


SPM is around the corner.

Assalamualaikum. As we all know, SPM is very near to us. Just about a few weeks to go and I'm done with school. I don't know if I should be happy or nervous. I extremely want the school to end faster but at the same time, I wanna walk outta Highschool Bukit Mertajam with straight A's in hand. I don't feel confident at all because of my trial exam results. They are bad. No, not good enough. I really hope my friends and I could ace the exam with flying colours.

If only people know how much I want to make my parents proud, they will come to me and promise me to teach me till the end of the world. I really want to study that hard but I got no one to ask if I do not understand a simple thing. As always, I wil give up and close the books because I know I can't do it. Was trying to keep this heart that strong and put a wall between diligent and lazy. The wall is falling down and now I'm between them. And with the weakest heart, I choose lazy.

I am too easy to fall and I have no one to catch me back. I need someone who will always be with me and lend his/her shoulder to me. I want that someone, I need that someone. Desperately. I swear I want to catch  that at least 5As or 6As but  now I know it's not that easy. How should I go through this tough moment? I have planned everything but I am worried if I can't even follow the plans very well. Anyway, I pray for all the 95's . Do well in your spm okay.

"You can take everything I have. You can break everything I am. Like I am made of glass, like I am made of paper." - Demi Lovato ♥

P/S: I need free hugs.


Assalamualaikum and hello guys. Thanks for visiting my blog. So, me and my friend was like talking about our future. Suddenly, one of my friend asked me a question "Someday Justin will stop singing or maybe died, what will actually happen to you?" So this is my answer:

One day Justin will stop singing. Someday when i'll have children and grandchildren, my grandchildren will read the news and they will say "Granny, Justin Bieber died. Who is he?" Then i'm gonna go to my room and look at my stuff, CDs and tears will begin to flow from my eyes. I'll look at thousands of magazines, his pictures and read his books. I'll remember the day when I first heard One Time. I'll remember my blog and tumblr that I used to run that was dedicated only to him. I'll remember all the great people that I met on the internet only thanks to Justin. I'll remember all the fights I had with haters. I will remember Jazmine, Pattie, Jeremy, Jaxon, Ryan, Scooter. I'll remember the first time I watched Never Say Never and his videos.

I felt so close to him. Pride, passion, love, all his learning. So many memories, so many dreams, so many emotions will come to me while tears are falling down from my eyes. I'll remember when Justin put on his "I LOVE MY BELIEBERS" shirt. I'll remember every sentence, all his mistakes. Then my grandchildren will come to me and they'll ask what happened. I'll smile and tell them: "This boy was the first boy I ever loved. He taught me that dreams do come true if you only keep dreaming and work hard to achieve your dreams. He taught me to help people in need, he taught me that all of us are beautiful. How much it hurts me, i'm still gonna be happy." I will look through window and say "Goodbye Justin. I will always love you and I will never, ever forget you."

Well, thanks for reading. Bye-bye :)


This is for the broken hearted. I know how you feel. Empty, betrayed, and no happiness whatsoever. You don't want to laugh, because you know it's not going to help, but you don't want to cry, because it will just make you feel worse. You feel like your heart is falling apart, but not only that, but you know soon your life is going to feel like it's falling apart too. You don't think it will ever end, and no matter what this person has done to you, it feels impossible to stop loving them. And everyone wonders why if they have hurt you so much, then why do you still love them. 

That's the confusing part, you don't know why, you just do, and the people who hurt you the most, and normally the ones you love the most. And then, after a few weeks, you finally feel a sense of relief, like you're getting happy again, but you know inside that you're just going into denial. And after a few more weeks, you're back to where you were an empty soul and teary eyes. You thought you got over them, but really, you just stopped showing it. And you can't help but to show it again. It leaves deep scars on your heart that are there forever. And no one understands how you feel, and how deep you are hurt, no matter who they are, because it hasn't happened to them And even if it has, every broken heart is different. 

They don't know the true pain you feel and carry each and everyday now, so you learn that basically you are alone with all this. And the feeling starts to overwhelm you, and suddenly you just break down, right there, because you know you've had enough, the tears just instantly start flowing, and you're to the point where you don't care who see's. Because you've spent so many nights lying awake in bed, and so many days being haunted by the scars and fear of rejection. And in the midst of all these tears, you know that its not helping any, and it's not going to bring them back, if you ever even had them in the first place. 

After about a million tears have been cried, you finally pull yourself back together and keep going. Your throat starts to clench and your eyes burn with the tears you are trying to hold back. Everyone says, "It will be okay…” But you know it won't. And that’s the truth, it won’t. And you look back on all of the hurt you had from this, and you realize that people are horrible. You're still hurt, but you've learned to hide it so that everyone thinks you are okay. So now every time you see this person, you know you still love them, and you feel a slight tingle in your heart yearning for them to love you, screaming out, but for some reason they don't hear it. And then you sit back and wonder how one person could have caused all of this.

Why do we fall for someone, who really isn't for us? Should we blame ourselves for falling the wrong one? Or should we blame the one we fell for, because they made us believe that they are the right one for us? NO. Don't blame anyone. There's no wise word to stop the bleeding. But always remember what doesn't kill you make you stronger. Sincerely, me. That's all for today. Assalamualaikum and bye-bye stalker. Thanks reading.

Random Raya.

Assalamualaikum and hye stalker. I'm wordless. So... I'll post random pictures. 

 K That's all for today. Assalamualaikum. bye-bye and Happy Eid Mubarak :)

Iftar with BFF.

Assalamualaikum and hye stalker.
Dah 15 Ogos dah hari nih, cepat kan? Tak lama lagi nak raya! Lepas tuh, trial SPM. Hmm. Nak fokus belajar pon susah sekarang nih, macam-macam masalah dekat rumah. Haih sabar selagi mampu. Okay laaaaa.

Sabtu lepas, Mira dengan kawan-kawan pergi berbuka puasa sama-sama! Heee seronok laaa. Sebenarnya, kitorang plan nak keluar satu kelas dengan cikgu sekali, tapi tahulah kan budak lelaki nih macam-macam. Mahal lah, takboleh datang lah, ada hal lah. Ah, taknak berkorban sikit pon. *buat muka menyampah*  Lolol~ Mira pergi berbuka puasa dengan Nana dan Iqa. Malas nak story-morry banyak-banyak, letih taip. Hihi. K *scroll down* :)

        Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa! K banyak lagi gambar. Tapi cukup kot banyak tuh. Kitorang pergi berbuka dekat Seret Recipe, Jaya Jusco Perda. Jumlah kitorang makan dekat sini, RM 80.50. Gila kenyang! Eh, alhamdulillah :) Plan nak pergi makan BR pon tak jadi sebab terlalu kenyang. Lepas berbuka, kitorang pergi solat. Lepastuh, jalan-jalan satu jusco. K, aku takkan lupa punya lah kenangan nih. Yaa laaa, Iqa (yang baju biru) jarang keluar rumah. Setahun sekali jaa kami keluar bertiga. Heee k setakat nih saja. Adios! Eh assalamualaikum. Terima kasih sudi melawat blog mira *kenyit mata*

*sorry for bad quality camera*

As Long As You Love Me.

Hello stalker! Tonight I would be honoured to post about Justin Bieber's new “As Long As You Love Me" video premiere which was just released in what looks like movie clip. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM!
K according to this video, Michael Madison in the video looking every bit as scary as a protective father as he does as a bad guy in a movie. He plays the father of Bieber's girlfriend who tells Justin to stay away from his daughter. Bieber is a young man in love trying to hang on to his girlfriend. Simple way to describe this: Forbidden Love . Let's watch it!


Oh I guess that's all for today. And peeps, It's August! Dear PMR candidates, do your best for your trial. And to all SPM candidates, more focus to study. Okay? Yeah, note to my self also. Assalamualaikum and bye-bye stalker. Thanks visiting! 

Random Bieber.

Salam Ramadhan!

Assalamualaikum and hye stalker! 
K *sapu habuk-habuk dekat blog* First, Mira nak ucapkan Salam Ramadhan dekat... dekat.. dekat awak yang tengah stalk blog saya lah. Baju raya korang dah siap? Warna apa? Kuih raya dah order? Berapa balang? Lolol~ Baru berapa hari jaa puasa dah fikir pasal raya. Eh tak salah kan? Lagi pun, baju raya Mira dah siap. Warna... Mana boleh gtao! Tunggu raya laaa. Ahahaha.
Nampak tak? Nampak tak? Nampak tak? Nampak kan?! Ahahahaha. "WHO NEED SWAG WHEN I GOT AMIRA?" Awh I'm so touched. Thanks Qawwiy! Appreaciate it a lot. Mueheeeeee. Qawwiy's mine, you bitch, back off! Lalala~

K. Today is 27th July. Our first Jumaat in Ramadhan. Salam Jumaat uolls. And by the way, I can't wait for Justin Bieber As Long As You Love Me video! It must be super-awesome \(^.^)/ Yeah imma  a belieber. While Qawwiy is a directioner. Lol one direction. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay... Ahahahahaha kidding. I adore Zayn Malik. He's handsome and sexy! See those muscles? Heeee.
Hut's Platter! K baru-baru nih me and my family keluar berbuka dekat Pizza Hut. Mira memang snap satu gambar jehh, sebab lepas snap gambar nih, battery low terus. Minta phone ayah, kedekut huh. Mintak phone mak, busy dengan business dia. Pathetic sangat kan? Ahahahahaha. K. And I don't know why, lately, my parents keep talking bout my future. Well, you know, after SPM, Where would I go? Who's gonna take care of me? And bla bla bla. 
K. That's all for today. Tata and assalamualaikum! And Happy Ramadhan stalker. Thanks for visit-ing my blog. I appreaciate it :)

Favourite Quotes #9 and #10.

Assalamualaikum stalker. How was your day?
How about my day? Alhamdulillah great.  Hmm. Act, i'm kinda scared. It seems like trial is around the corner. For sure, followed by SPM. Ugh. Stressful nowadays.  But. It's okey. There'll be less stress after SPM. Yeah. I guess. Scroll down! *smile* *showing some of my teeth*
Isn't my face looks happy? Lalala.  Not all of it. I guess. But i'm happy! Hurray! K. Err. Salam Nisfu Syaaban! Korang tahu tak Nisfu Syaaban tuh apa? *selak calendar* 5th July - KLIK SINI. Hee, malas lah nak explain. K, move to favourite quotes!
If we lose something, we lose it for a reason, it may be hard to understand. But BELIEVE that something better will come after the loss.
Yeah. Believe believe believe. Reminds me to Justin Bieber new album. You've got one? Yeah I got one! I've downloaded it from mediafire. There's a bunch of girls who bla bla bla - It's illegal but who cares? I'm in Malaysia. It's hard to get one of those. Okey, back to topic. How was the quote? Any impact? K next quote.
Make mistakes, but learn to never regret them. Cause your greatest mistakes will become your greatest lessons.
Note that. Hey hey hey! #BieberMemories is on trending in twitter. This ---> "The best memory for every Belieber would have to be the first time we discovered Justin. That memory can never be replaced. " Yeah, i'm agree. 

Hewhew~ Oh yeah. Tadi pagi dekat sekolah, ada perjumpaan waris. Ohmy, ayah datang punyalah awal! The 1st one, ahahaha i'm glad about that. The worst part, I got the lowest mark in IT (Information Technology) and I was like "Ugh, waktu aku dapat IT tinggi hari tuh, takdak pulak perjumpaan waris." Lalala~
That's all for today! Ahahahahahahahahaha. Live your life cause life's too short to sit around miserable, i guess. Plus, we only live once. May I repeat. We only live once. K that's all for today! Tata and assalamualaikom :)

HSBM Open Day.

Assalamualaikum and hye to all my cute stalker.
Today is 30 June 2012. For sure I won't forget the date. It's the most pathetic day ever for me. Why? Cause I keep crying all day long! Ahahahaha. Pathetic. Why am I crying? No reason. For fun.  Yes, I'm crying for fun. But before that. I mean before the pathetic moment arrived - I'm kinda having so much fun with my friends. Yeahhh. We're doing all those crazy stuff in front of the camera. 
Meet us! The One Direction Minus One. Trololo. K merepek. In the front one, would be the princess of Justin Drew Bieber a.k.a me. Left, Nana. Right, Ayu. And at the back is Iqa. Say "hye!" to us. Ahahaha. We're become close friends since last year, 2011. K. Scroll down.
Look at me, tudng tak jadi. Hmm *menangis* . Lalala. We're not gedik gedik or what. Lol. Just having fun. Plus, it's our last year in this fucking damn horrible school which full with bored and educated teachers. Ahahaha. We're like lying on the field. And just snap snap snap. Hmm. Forever won't forget this moment. Honestly, there's alot more. But it just won't fit. Plus, I bet those pictures are more then enough. Hahaha. I love you guys!

Act, I'm kinda wordless. K. That's all for today. Tata and Assalamualaikum :)

Avril Lavigne - Wish you were here

[Verse 1:]
I can be tough
I can be strong
But with you
It's not like that at all
There's a girl
That gives a shit
Behind this wall
You just walked through it

And I remember all those crazy things you said
You left them running through my head
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did
Didn't think about it, just went with it
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.

[Verse 2:]
I love
The way you are
It's who I am
Don't have to try hard
We always say
Say it like it is
And the truth
Is that I really mi-I-iss

All those crazy things you said (things you said)
You left them running through my head (through my head)
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here.
All those crazy things we did (things we did)
Didn't think about it, just went with it (went with it)
You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.

No, I don't wanna let go
I just wanna let you know
That I never wanna let go

(Let go let go let go let go)

No, I don't wanna let go
I just wanna let you know
That I never wanna let go

(Let go let go let go let go let go let go let go)

Damn, Damn, Damn,
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here (I wish you were here)
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.

Damn, Damn, Damn (Damn)
What I'd do to have you
Here, here, here (Here)
I wish you were here.
Damn, Damn, Damn
What I'd do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here.


Assalamualaikum stalker. I love you!
*selak calendar*  Ohh 19 June! *senyum* Kenapa? Album baru Justin Bieber dah keluar! Stalker, kau benci Justin Bieber? Well then, happy for me please! Boleh kan? Boleh kan? Hewhew. *stalk twitter Justin Bieber* *Printscreen!*
Waktu aku baca tweet dia yang nih. Dah buat aku menjerit. OhmyBieber! I'm fucking damn glad about your new album. Hmm. He don't even know that I'm exist. K. Ohh. Lupa pulak nak mention tajuk Album dia, BELIEVE. Oh yes Justin, I believed in every word you say. Aku bukan puja. Taktao weh jadi obses cenehh! Ya Allah! *sabar*
I'll get it soon! ASAP okey! Fuhh. He's so cute and talented and handsome and white and hard to explain. He makes me cry, scream, BELIEVE. Justin Bieber I Love You. If you're not one of the belieber, you'll never know what I feel. Sebagai seorang Islam, saya terus-menerus ighstifar kayy. Fuhh. Ahahahahahahaha. I'm crazy. Crazy about Justin Bieber shoooooo much! 

And by the way, THIS. . .
Yes. I've RT it! Cause she's sooo stupid 13 years old kid. Eh, 14 maybe? Entahlahh. Memang laa dia sokong Justin Bieber. Tapi. Over sakai! Tak larat nak cerita lah pulak kan. Klik jaa gambar tuh, nanti korang automatik akan dibawa ke twitter profile dia *lol. Tapi. Padan muka dia sebab ramai sangat orang benci dia. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha *gelak setan* 

Rasanya cukup sampai disini. Haha. Thanks visit blog aku yang cun melecun. Lalala. Apa-2 post dekat shoutbox aku okayy. Assalamualaikum and tata! *peace* *flying kiss* *lambai tangan*


Assalamualaikom and hye stalker. Miss me?
OhhmyBieber! I miss my blog shooooo much. Ahahaha. Dear stalker, forgive me. Lots of drama since i'm single. Oh yeah, i'm singlee and i'm happy. K tipu. It's not like i'm fucking damn happy. Sedih tuh sedih jugak. Cuma terasa ringan sikit beban dekat bahu. Well, you know bila couple kita perlu jaga itu ini semata-mata nak jaga hubungan dengan orang yang kita sayang. Tapi, jodoh semua dekat tangan Allah and everything happens for a reason. Wanna see my happy face? Ahahaha *scroll down*
Both of them, always pissed me off! All day long. Well, as kakak sulung - kena sabar dan selalu mengalah. Sangat penat jadi kakak/abang sulung nih. Kalau dekat twitter, aku termasuk dalam geng #TeamAnakSulung. Ohh yeahh, don't forget to hit me there. Hit means follow k. Ahahaha. 

Nak cerita sikit, trololo. Hari nih berapa hari bulan? *selak calendar* Ohh! 13 June. Okey. Petang tadi kan on the way nak balik sekolah sementara tunggu bas awam, aku terserempak laa dengan adik angkat aku nih. Jarang jumpak. Yalah sekolah lain-lain. Siapa sangka dia makin kurus! Ke mata aku yang nampak dia gemuk hari tuh? Ahahaha. Apa-2 pon dia kelihatan sangat sangat kacak. Nak ngorat? Single lagi mamat nih. Weeeee. Tadi dia IM, asyik panggil aku "akak ketot...akak ketot" Hmm redha sajalahh. Dah memang aku ketot. 

Cerita lain pulak - sepanjang cuti dua minggu hari tuh, aku tak update langsung. Jadi sekarang, aku nak cerita la sikit kan. Pengalaman paling seronok selama dua minggu tuh ialah aku berpeluang jumpa dengan budak-budak De'eyez Family. Dah lebih setahun aku dalam Family nih, tapi sekarang aku dah leave group atas sebab-2 yang takdapat dielakkan. Uolls, nak tahu tak sebab apa? Nak tak? Nak tak? Taknak? K bagus. LOL.

Weeeeeeee. Awak awak awak, saya sangat sedih awak tahu tak. Patah se-billion hati saya nih sebab perangai awak. Tapi kan awak kan, saya cuba bertahan ^^V Ahahahaha. K sudah melalut. Aku okey. Sangat okey. Tak mati lagi pon. Bak kata Kelly Clarkson "What does'nt kill you make you stronger." Aku masih bersyukur sebab ada kawan-kawan yang selalu ada untuk aku. Bila dengan diorang, semua masalah yang ada dekat bahu aku nih hilang. Hebat sangat korang nih tahu tak? *Ayu, Afiq, Rafiqa, Nana, Danial, Hafiz, Abang Shah, Kak Marisa, Emma, Azrin, Shahrin, Syazwan, Din, Azri, Hakim - korang buat aku senyum sampai ke dahi! Eh? Apa-2 lah. Ahahaha. 

Rasanya sudah cukup untuk hari nih. Nanti-2 kalau aku rajin, aku update blog aku lagi k. Eh stalker, jangan lupa makan, mandi dengan solat tao :) *Ohh yah btw, I've deleted my tumblr. Assalamualaikom, bye-bye.