I'm sorry i've been busy with all this. I didn't even got the chance to call my parents. All i did was going to class, eat and sleep. Everyday is such a tiring day since everything was so pack. Fyi, i'm already in the second semester. Alhamdulillah my result for the 1st semester was alright thought i was not in the dean's list. Everybody want to be in the list right? & so do i. It did frustrate me but i realized its my fault, i was not focus & spend most of my time with lying on my bed doing nothing. 

Since now i'm in the 2nd semester, i'll work harder & need to blend in with some new friends since i know no one in the class, it's a frustrating. The subject was alright & a bit hard. Most of the lecturer are so nice since there always a game in a class. In my class, i'll always sit next to my new friend named Fifi, she's so polite & have that small voice. We'll sit the very front in the class & next to her will be Fatin. We're in DBS 2A, most of my classmates are very friendly. The one who's not so in to talk to them is me. Yeah I did have a rough time. Like i said "i'm trying to blend in" & in need to get rid of my shy-shy-cat.

This post named "Evening" because i'm writing this in the evening. It's very quiet since there's only three of us left in our house and two of them fell asleep so yeah it's lonely. I'm actually missing one of my friend who have just left two days ago named Hurul Ain Zahra, you could search her at facebook of course. To me, she's like my closest friend in Melaka. We used to fight i guess but she'll always be my closest friend.When we were in the 1st semester, we're sitting next to each other and she did helps me a lot in Business Math. I'm that kind of person who is totally sucks in math but because of her it changed. I got 85% in test 1 for that subject. It's my first A for math! How grateful i am. All through that 1st semester we learnt, cried, laughed, frustrated, doing everything together except sleeping & bathing. 

The day she left got me burst into tears & another fact about me i'm not that kind of girl who loves to cry. Even my mom called me "hati batu". Those tears just meant that i love her as one of my friend. Ok that's enough or i'll be crying. It's Saturday btw. My mom posted me a box of chocolate & it have been 4 days, the most saddest part is i didn't receive it yet. Whether someone else have taken it or the one who carried it had ate it. Bla bla bla it's seems like November hates me since lots of sad and frustrating things happened in this month. Wanna list?

-I have to leave penang
-Didn't sit in the same class with my friend
-Didn't get the chance to go to langkawi
-Our house is so quiet
-My friend left me
-Didn't receive chocolate
-Expensive books
-Run out of money
-& right now i'm freaking hungry!

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Thank you for reading. Adios & sayonara!


Assalamualaikum stalker, and hey. How's life?
So yeah, i got not specific title for this post. It's been awhile and there's lots of thing happening in my life since then. Firstly, i'm currently in Melaka, furthering my studies in Business Management at UIC but under UiTM. Alhamdulillah, MARA is the one who bear my studies here. U got no idea how proud i am to call myself as one of the UiTM's student. To most of my friends, i'm sorry because i came here without meeting/telling you guys first. It's not that i don't wanna share this with you guys but yknow how fast time flies by and we don't even realize it. It's been a month since i've moved to Melaka and thank God nothing bad happened to me. I got some new friends here from different country and most of them are nice, they're here for me and i'm here for them. I'll post their pictures later, scroll down please.

I'm living in a condominium called Beverly Hills Condominium at A' Famosa Resort. I know, this place is famous. Around UIC, we got Water Theme Park, Cowboy Town and much more. The place is beautiful, and the people around here are friendly and nice. Me and my friends are living at Level 13 in this condo, just imagine if the lift breaks down, masyaAllah. In our house, we got 2 rooms and this rooms could accommodate 10 girls. It's fun when we got to live with new friends from different places. Two weeks ago, we got an orientation program run for 3 days, for new students which is coordinated by seniors. The program was freaking-fun! Most of the seniors are funny and friendly, the program made my day. Thank you seniors. Okay, i'm wordless already, i'll upload a photo of my friends.
Btw, I would like to congrats a guy named Justin Bieber for his awards that he won, tho he didn't read my blog but it's okay. Congratulations big bro! I'm so proud of you Justin, u deserved these awards more than anybody. 3 awards, 2 performances in 1 night. Perfect. Top Male Artist, Top Socialist Artist, and Milestone award :))
That's all for today. Thank you for reading. Assalamualaikum and take care. An advice from me: Love your life tho it's miserable. Adios stalker x

Pukul 1 pagi.

Assalamualaikum. Terasa lama betul tak kemaskini blog kesayangan ni. Ok, alhamdulillah aku dengan keluarga masih sihat, dan orang-orang sekeliling aku pon nampak bahagia dengan kehidupan masing-masing. Tarikh hari nih dah masuk 5/3/2013. Cepat masa berlalu kan? Dalam beberapa hari lagi, aku dengan kawan-kawan aku yang lain akan terima keputusan SPM kitorang. Ya Allah, berdebar betul rasanya. Apa keputusan aku nanti? 5A? 4A? 3A? 8G? Astaghfiruallhalazim, kenapa lah fikir negatif sangat ni. Aku cuma mampu tawakal sebab aku dah cuba yang terbaik. Aku harap aku dengan kawan-kawan dapat keputusan yang cemerlang. Dan aku juga berharap yang aku takkan menangis bila dapat keputusan nanti, nak jimat air mata. Asyik menangis ja, malu k.

Buat masa ni, aku masih bekerja di McD, berhampiran kawasan rumah aku. Yalah, sementara nak tunggu keputusan SPM kan, haih lambat sungguh. Seronok sangat kerja situ, kebanyakan krew peramah, suka sakat aku, perli aku, cuit-cuit. Nanti bila aku pergi sambung belajar mesti rindu krew-krew McD. Kadang-kadang tuh terasa hati jugak sebab bahasa diorang kasar-kasar. Biasa lah orang penang. Tapi aku tak pernah ambil kisah pon. Janji gaji aku masuk setiap hujung bulan, boleh belanja kawan-kawan yang banyak berjasa dengan aku kan? :)

Jom cakap pasal cinta-cintun pulak? Ada seorang lelaki ni, nama dia Muhamad Aiman Afiq, sopan orangnya, kacak, berkulit putih, tinggi lampai. Boleh pulak dia ter-suka dekat aku yang tak cukup inci ni. Hampir setahun aku membujang sebab... sebab apa? Entah. Aku jual mahal sangat kot. Ok, taknak la cerita kisah lama kan, buat tambah sakit dekat hati ja. Tapi, Aiman ni dia lain sikit la. Cara dia layan aku, betul-betul buat aku cair. Ok, bila kami keluar, dia yang tarikkan kerusi, dia yang bayar, kalau boleh aku duduk diam ja macam patung, semua benda dia nak buat. Ya Allah, untungnya aku kalau dia mampu layan aku macam tuh sampai masa aku ke liang lahad. Tapi, seperti yang kita semua tahu, tiada orang yang sempurna di atas Bumi ni.

Berita baru! Kami sekeluarga sangat gembira dengan kehadiran ahli keluarga kami yang terbaru, namanya Motet. Anak kepada Gibu dan Rambo hahaha, anak kucing la. Kalau anak orang, itu kena tunggu aku kahwin dulu. Mama putih, papa hitam, hasilnya anak warna kelabu. Dalam banyak-banyak anak kucing yang pernah lahir dalam rumah kami, dia la yang paling comel. Manja sangat. Kalau dekat kedai, dalam RM600-700 jugak. Bulu tebal, mata biru, ekor panjang. Kenapa nama Motet? Sebab masa kecil-kecil perut dia bulat, rajin sangat minum susu. Kucing parsi memang benih tak berapa kuat, anak pon seekor ja. Buat masa sekarang, ada satu ja gambar dia, *cari gambar kucing.
Comel? Baiklah, semua benda aku dah cerita. Alhamdulillah, buat masa ni semua perkara berjalan dengan lancar. Aku sangat bersyukur dengan setiap nikmat yang Allah telah kurniakan kepada aku. Oh ya, kenapa tajuk "pukul 1 pagi"? Sebab sekarang pukul 1 pagi. Mengantuk dan letih, sebab aku baru balik kerja. K jaga diri *lambai tangan.

A day with my family.

Just gonna post some photos. Thank you for visiting, i love you.


Muhamad Aiman Afiq B. Muhamad Pauzi, I love you. Thank you for everything. As long as you love me, i'll be by your side. And um, please stay? Forever? 

P/S: I'm freaking wordless.


His respond after reading this post:


My Steamed Fish!

P/S: This dish was made by me, for the first time( And it was super-delicious!). Thanks for visiting! Assalamualaikum.

Lunch at Johnny's Restaurant.

Assalamualaikum. Omg it's 2013 already! And yeahh I got no special post for 2013. But i'm still thankful to Allah SWT for giving me the chance to breath on this brand new year. "Brand new year" sounds weird lol. I'm eighteen, but umm not officially. If you know what I mean. Currently still working at McD Alma. The customers was kinda rude sometimes, used to be cursed by someone but ugh it's his fault excuse me? "Customer Always Right" Stick to that word! Okay.

Last wednesday, me and my BFF, Syazana Aqila went to Jusco to have our lunch together and share stories. Since we have ended our highschool years, so um it's hard to meet. We have our lunch at Johnny's Restaurant. And i've never realized that the restaurant was actually exist somewhere in Jusco. Plus, we also did some grocery shopping. Gonna post some photos of us..... K enjoy stalking.