HSBM Open Day.

Assalamualaikum and hye to all my cute stalker.
Today is 30 June 2012. For sure I won't forget the date. It's the most pathetic day ever for me. Why? Cause I keep crying all day long! Ahahahaha. Pathetic. Why am I crying? No reason. For fun.  Yes, I'm crying for fun. But before that. I mean before the pathetic moment arrived - I'm kinda having so much fun with my friends. Yeahhh. We're doing all those crazy stuff in front of the camera. 
Meet us! The One Direction Minus One. Trololo. K merepek. In the front one, would be the princess of Justin Drew Bieber a.k.a me. Left, Nana. Right, Ayu. And at the back is Iqa. Say "hye!" to us. Ahahaha. We're become close friends since last year, 2011. K. Scroll down.
Look at me, tudng tak jadi. Hmm *menangis* . Lalala. We're not gedik gedik or what. Lol. Just having fun. Plus, it's our last year in this fucking damn horrible school which full with bored and educated teachers. Ahahaha. We're like lying on the field. And just snap snap snap. Hmm. Forever won't forget this moment. Honestly, there's alot more. But it just won't fit. Plus, I bet those pictures are more then enough. Hahaha. I love you guys!

Act, I'm kinda wordless. K. That's all for today. Tata and Assalamualaikum :)

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