My Bieber List.

Assalamualaikum. So um, today I would love to update about my addiction, his name is Justin Drew Bieber. Though we've never met, he still inspires me in many ways. If you're one of the haters, it's okay. Just get the hell out from my cute little blog. I would update about things or maybe facts about Justin according to my memory, no books, no internet. Here we go...

- Justin was born in London, Ontario, Canada at 12:56am in St Judes Hospital.
- Pattie Mallette is his mum, and Jeremy Bieber is his dad.
- He has a little sister and brother Jazmyn and Jaxon.
- Justin has/had a dog called Sammy.
- Justin's bestfriends from even before the fame where Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers. 
- Justin grew up in Stratford.
- Scooter Braun is Justin’s manager.
- Scooter found Justin on youtube because he clicked on the wrong video, and Justin’s came up instead.
- Justin dated Caitlin Beadles for a while, after Caitlin he had a little thing going with Jasmine Villegas and  then after that he officially started dating Selena Gomez.
- Justin had a hamster called PAC, but he recently gave it away to a fan
- Justin had a snake called Johnson that he took down the red carpet with him at an awards show
- Justin has six albums. My World, My World 2.0, My World Acoustic, Never Say Never (remixes), Under The Mistletoe and Believe.
- Justin’s favourite cereal is Captain Crunch
- Justin’s favourite candy use to be Sour Patch Kids, but then fans use to give them to him all the time to the point that he didn’t like them as much as he use to.
- Justin is left handed.
- Justin has never won a Grammy, he has only been nominated
- Justin met a young girl called Avalanna, he ‘married’ her and he flew her out to see him often, Avalanna recently passed away and he dedicated his first Believe tour concert to her.
- Justin is the second most followed person on Twitter behind Lady Gaga.
- Justin’s house is in Calabasas, California.
- Justin was on the cover of Forbes magazine
- Justin got the scar on his face from when he was a kid. He said he thinks it makes him look like a ‘badass’
- Justin made the word “Swaggy” and called Scooter up at 3am in the morning to confirm that is was spelt “Swaggy” not “Swaggie”
- Justin’s parents split when he was around 10 months old
- Justin original youtube account was ‘kidrauhl’
- Justin has the most viewed youtube channel
- The first video that was uploaded onto Justin’s kidrauhl channel was of him singing “So Sick by Neyo” the video was originally uploaded so his grandmother on his fathers side would be able to watch it. But it quickly went viral, and that’s where his career started.
- Justin received his Fisker Karma from Scooter on the Ellen DeGeneres show, as his 18th birthday present.
Okay, that's it. All come at the top off my head. Not much. I bet most beliebers know lots than this. Thank you for reading and visiting my blog! I love you. Assalamualaikum and may you have a very nice day :) x

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