The end of 2012.

Assalamualaikum to my dearest awesome stalker.
So how was your day? I bet it was full with fun and joy. Just say Alhamdulillah for every moment you live. It's not the happiness that we're supposed to count in our life, it's about the things happening around us. Well, yknow what I mean. So, today is 4th Dec 2012. Yes peeps, 2012 is about to end! And for me, i've ended my highschool moment which is full with memories, and stuffs. I'll be missing my classmates for sure, though we always fight againts each other. Iqa & Nana! I won't forget both of you till my last breath. And yeah, the-so-called SPM moment, it was fucking depressing but tralala i'm free baby. I've done my best and InsyaAllah I could achieve them with flying colours.

It's December and i've ended my highschool years, like I just said just now. Does it means, i'm actually gaining my freedom? No, I don't think so. But freedom-for-awhile, yes. Would have to wait untill college moment fuck my life. Since 28th Nov, I've been working at McD, near Autocity. Which means, i've been working there for a week. Nothing to complain, everyone loves me, I guess hahahaha. All of the crew were so kind and friendly, they treat me nice. They make me laugh. It's like they're my new friends, I mean they were so kinda replaced my friends in highschool. And yes we fight sometimes. But no, I'm not that kind of person who forgot old friends once a person get a new friend.

In McD, i'm the runner. I look at the screen that hang somewhere, and then the products would appear, all I have to do is take the product and put them on a tray. It's kinda hard but once you used to it, it's a piece of cake. The moment when there's lots of customer, omg I really hate that moment. For seriously it's killing me. But when i'm thinking of my salary while doing my job, everything goes very well and the manager would praise me. And yeahh, I'll be very glad, and wink wink at other crew hahahaha. No, kidding. I won't do such thing at other crew, i'm a good girl. Okay I lied. But I'm a good girl.

Next, let's talk about my love story. My relationship status went from "single" to "still single". It's been months, and i'm still alive! One of the prove that I could live without someone called boyfriend. I'm born without you, means I can live without you. So, to those girls who thinks "I can't live without him." Get up! Open your eyes! Shake your ass! *Not important. Move on, you can do it, you'll be okay without him. Okay. Hmm idk, i'm not sure whether i'm ready or not to be in a relationship, well um there's a big scar yknow. A very big. I ignored all this guy who would love to treat me right, am I stupid? Well, maybe. I do have a big crush on someone at my school, but it's just for fun, his name is Syazani. He's too handsome for me. Every time we bump, there would be a very big smile on my face. Everyday when i'm on my way back home from school, i'll watch him from the bridge. No, he didn't notice me at all. To be with him was like... no chance at all? A guy like him, a girl like me, never. Pathetic and sad, yeah I know.

So, i'll turn eighteen in August 2013. They said, eighteen was like the most awesome teenager's year, really? Why? Because you're allowed to watch all those one colour movies? Well yknow what I mean. No, I don't think so. I bet most guy have watched those movies though they're not allowed. Hahahahahahaha okay i'm wordless already. That's all for today. May you all have a very good time in your life! Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum.

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