Salam Ramadhan!

Assalamualaikum and hye stalker! 
K *sapu habuk-habuk dekat blog* First, Mira nak ucapkan Salam Ramadhan dekat... dekat.. dekat awak yang tengah stalk blog saya lah. Baju raya korang dah siap? Warna apa? Kuih raya dah order? Berapa balang? Lolol~ Baru berapa hari jaa puasa dah fikir pasal raya. Eh tak salah kan? Lagi pun, baju raya Mira dah siap. Warna... Mana boleh gtao! Tunggu raya laaa. Ahahaha.
Nampak tak? Nampak tak? Nampak tak? Nampak kan?! Ahahahaha. "WHO NEED SWAG WHEN I GOT AMIRA?" Awh I'm so touched. Thanks Qawwiy! Appreaciate it a lot. Mueheeeeee. Qawwiy's mine, you bitch, back off! Lalala~

K. Today is 27th July. Our first Jumaat in Ramadhan. Salam Jumaat uolls. And by the way, I can't wait for Justin Bieber As Long As You Love Me video! It must be super-awesome \(^.^)/ Yeah imma  a belieber. While Qawwiy is a directioner. Lol one direction. Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay... Ahahahahaha kidding. I adore Zayn Malik. He's handsome and sexy! See those muscles? Heeee.
Hut's Platter! K baru-baru nih me and my family keluar berbuka dekat Pizza Hut. Mira memang snap satu gambar jehh, sebab lepas snap gambar nih, battery low terus. Minta phone ayah, kedekut huh. Mintak phone mak, busy dengan business dia. Pathetic sangat kan? Ahahahahaha. K. And I don't know why, lately, my parents keep talking bout my future. Well, you know, after SPM, Where would I go? Who's gonna take care of me? And bla bla bla. 
K. That's all for today. Tata and assalamualaikum! And Happy Ramadhan stalker. Thanks for visit-ing my blog. I appreaciate it :)

Favourite Quotes #9 and #10.

Assalamualaikum stalker. How was your day?
How about my day? Alhamdulillah great.  Hmm. Act, i'm kinda scared. It seems like trial is around the corner. For sure, followed by SPM. Ugh. Stressful nowadays.  But. It's okey. There'll be less stress after SPM. Yeah. I guess. Scroll down! *smile* *showing some of my teeth*
Isn't my face looks happy? Lalala.  Not all of it. I guess. But i'm happy! Hurray! K. Err. Salam Nisfu Syaaban! Korang tahu tak Nisfu Syaaban tuh apa? *selak calendar* 5th July - KLIK SINI. Hee, malas lah nak explain. K, move to favourite quotes!
If we lose something, we lose it for a reason, it may be hard to understand. But BELIEVE that something better will come after the loss.
Yeah. Believe believe believe. Reminds me to Justin Bieber new album. You've got one? Yeah I got one! I've downloaded it from mediafire. There's a bunch of girls who bla bla bla - It's illegal but who cares? I'm in Malaysia. It's hard to get one of those. Okey, back to topic. How was the quote? Any impact? K next quote.
Make mistakes, but learn to never regret them. Cause your greatest mistakes will become your greatest lessons.
Note that. Hey hey hey! #BieberMemories is on trending in twitter. This ---> "The best memory for every Belieber would have to be the first time we discovered Justin. That memory can never be replaced. " Yeah, i'm agree. 

Hewhew~ Oh yeah. Tadi pagi dekat sekolah, ada perjumpaan waris. Ohmy, ayah datang punyalah awal! The 1st one, ahahaha i'm glad about that. The worst part, I got the lowest mark in IT (Information Technology) and I was like "Ugh, waktu aku dapat IT tinggi hari tuh, takdak pulak perjumpaan waris." Lalala~
That's all for today! Ahahahahahahahahaha. Live your life cause life's too short to sit around miserable, i guess. Plus, we only live once. May I repeat. We only live once. K that's all for today! Tata and assalamualaikom :)