Favourite Quotes #6

Assalamualaikom and hye peeps :)
How was your day ? happy ? great ! . Jom jom baca quote dekat bawah tuh . For sure it's inspiring . You should read it more than once . Twice is enough (Y)
In life we do things . Some we wish we had never done . Some we wish we could replay a million times in our head . But they all make us who we are , and in the end they shape every detail about us . If we were to reverse any of them we would'nt be the person we are . So just live , make mistakes . Have wonderful memories , but never ever second guess who you are , where you have been , and most importantly where it is you're going .
So get it ? hewhew .  Plus , dalam banyak-2 quotes yang pernah Ieya update dekat blog . Quote nie lahh yang paling panjang and yang paling Ieya suka ! Ieya harap korang faham and suka jugak quote neh , macam Ieya :) haha . Yes , the quote said "So just live , make mistakes" . Tapi jangan lah buat mistake sampai orang meluat kann . Ohh jangan lupa jugak untok tunaikan apa yang wajib yehh umat-2 Islam sekalian . Remember , Allah is Great .

That's all . Tata and Assalamualaikom awok awok sekalian :)

Manusia Berubah .

Assalamualaikom and hye peeps .
Short post for today . Ohh i'm such a super fucking damn lazy girl . Actually , not . Hampir tiap hari aku masak sendiri , do laundry , keep the house clean and super-tidy and also bla bla bla :) rajen kannnn . haha . just malas nak update blog . okee peace (Y)
Dulu, I love you. Sekarang, I hate you. Dulu, muah-muah. Sekarang, puih-puih. Dulu, berbaby-baby. Sekarang, berbabi-babi. 
Manusia Berubah . People Changed . well , yeah its the same :) haha . That's all for today . Tata and Assalamualaikom . Have a nice day Mr/Mrs .

Feeling .

I don't know how to forget him . is not that i want him back but i can't forget him .

Menangis sebab vicks .

Assalamualaikom and hello earthlings :) 
First of all , ieya nak ucapkan tahniah kepada kakak-2 serta abang-2 yang mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang dalam result SPM . Bagi yang tidak mencapai target , remember this . . .  
 Never regret anything that has happened in your life, it cannot be changed, undone or forgotten so take it as a lesson learned and move on .
Whatever happens , happens for a reason . . By the way , tahu VICKS tak ? that minyak sapu one . bukan minyak laa , i'ts kinda gel , ehh is it ? korang search la sendiri dekat Google . Honestly cakap , Ieya malas nak provide gambar Vicks tuh . haha . As we all know , hari neh kan SPM candidates 2011 datang ambil result dekat sekolah masing-2 , so Ieya dengan member yang tadak kena mengena neh cuci mata lah kan . One of my member said "agak-2 macam neh ka situasi waktu kita ambil result tahun depan nanti eh ?" . . I wonder also . macam-2 ragam . 

Lepas rehat , masuk kelas lah kan . Since cikgu pon tak enter class , kitorang buat laa kerja masing-2 . Gossip of course , apa-2 pon buku dan pen tetap berada di tangan ku . haha . yalah kan , sambil-2 gosip , sambil-2 buat kerja , baru tak bosan (Y) . . bla bla bla . . I dunno why Syazana Aqila calit sedikit Vicks tuh and then sapu dekat kelopak mata dia and then dia cakap "Vicks neh tadak laa . . . . . . " sebelom dia sempat habeskan ayat dia , dia screaming . Oh it's funny , I laugh 'till my tears fall , my stomach also hurts . haha , but then Ieya pon buat jugak *after 5 seconds* i was crying cause i can't open my eyes . Oh sweet , serious panic waktu tuh ! tapi Rafiqa and Syazana gelak pulak , kfine :P 

Disebabkan mata kanan Ieya saket sangat - Rafiqa suroh Ieya basuh dengan air . She's the one  who poured the water on my hand , i was blind for awhile . oke chill , i'm not blind anymore just dim .  END OF STORY ! That's all for today , Tata and Assalamualaikom :)

*from left : Ieya, Syazana and Rafiqa . miss this moment :')  

Favourite Quotes #5

Assalamualaikom to all muslim yang enter blog Ieya . and Hello to non-muslim . I'm so glad and really appreaciate sebab korang sudi enter blog Ieya yang tak seberapa neh . Nowadays my mood tak menentu . lots of problem , lots of pressure . does'nt matter la cause i'm still alive (Y) *peace . haha . and i'm happy too . . yeah . . a fake smile may hide a million tears rite ? :)

Dalam Facebook , Ieya ada pegang satu page community . and Ieya dah update my fav quotes dekat page tuh so maybe ada orang yang dah baca kan . Quotes tue from someone in twitter yah . i forgot her name but thanks anyway :)
Girls never get mad for no reason . It may be over something small or stupid , but there’s always a reason .
I bet ramai girls yang setuju dengan quote neh . Act , nin bukannya quote pon . more to statement because its true ! xD haha . Ohh yahh . . cakap pasal community tadi kan . Hey Hey You You , support us okeyy ! just CLICK HERE and LIKE us . Thanks you . That's all , tata and assalamualaikom .