Assalamualaikum stalker, and hey. How's life?
So yeah, i got not specific title for this post. It's been awhile and there's lots of thing happening in my life since then. Firstly, i'm currently in Melaka, furthering my studies in Business Management at UIC but under UiTM. Alhamdulillah, MARA is the one who bear my studies here. U got no idea how proud i am to call myself as one of the UiTM's student. To most of my friends, i'm sorry because i came here without meeting/telling you guys first. It's not that i don't wanna share this with you guys but yknow how fast time flies by and we don't even realize it. It's been a month since i've moved to Melaka and thank God nothing bad happened to me. I got some new friends here from different country and most of them are nice, they're here for me and i'm here for them. I'll post their pictures later, scroll down please.

I'm living in a condominium called Beverly Hills Condominium at A' Famosa Resort. I know, this place is famous. Around UIC, we got Water Theme Park, Cowboy Town and much more. The place is beautiful, and the people around here are friendly and nice. Me and my friends are living at Level 13 in this condo, just imagine if the lift breaks down, masyaAllah. In our house, we got 2 rooms and this rooms could accommodate 10 girls. It's fun when we got to live with new friends from different places. Two weeks ago, we got an orientation program run for 3 days, for new students which is coordinated by seniors. The program was freaking-fun! Most of the seniors are funny and friendly, the program made my day. Thank you seniors. Okay, i'm wordless already, i'll upload a photo of my friends.
Btw, I would like to congrats a guy named Justin Bieber for his awards that he won, tho he didn't read my blog but it's okay. Congratulations big bro! I'm so proud of you Justin, u deserved these awards more than anybody. 3 awards, 2 performances in 1 night. Perfect. Top Male Artist, Top Socialist Artist, and Milestone award :))
That's all for today. Thank you for reading. Assalamualaikum and take care. An advice from me: Love your life tho it's miserable. Adios stalker x

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