I'm sorry i've been busy with all this. I didn't even got the chance to call my parents. All i did was going to class, eat and sleep. Everyday is such a tiring day since everything was so pack. Fyi, i'm already in the second semester. Alhamdulillah my result for the 1st semester was alright thought i was not in the dean's list. Everybody want to be in the list right? & so do i. It did frustrate me but i realized its my fault, i was not focus & spend most of my time with lying on my bed doing nothing. 

Since now i'm in the 2nd semester, i'll work harder & need to blend in with some new friends since i know no one in the class, it's a frustrating. The subject was alright & a bit hard. Most of the lecturer are so nice since there always a game in a class. In my class, i'll always sit next to my new friend named Fifi, she's so polite & have that small voice. We'll sit the very front in the class & next to her will be Fatin. We're in DBS 2A, most of my classmates are very friendly. The one who's not so in to talk to them is me. Yeah I did have a rough time. Like i said "i'm trying to blend in" & in need to get rid of my shy-shy-cat.

This post named "Evening" because i'm writing this in the evening. It's very quiet since there's only three of us left in our house and two of them fell asleep so yeah it's lonely. I'm actually missing one of my friend who have just left two days ago named Hurul Ain Zahra, you could search her at facebook of course. To me, she's like my closest friend in Melaka. We used to fight i guess but she'll always be my closest friend.When we were in the 1st semester, we're sitting next to each other and she did helps me a lot in Business Math. I'm that kind of person who is totally sucks in math but because of her it changed. I got 85% in test 1 for that subject. It's my first A for math! How grateful i am. All through that 1st semester we learnt, cried, laughed, frustrated, doing everything together except sleeping & bathing. 

The day she left got me burst into tears & another fact about me i'm not that kind of girl who loves to cry. Even my mom called me "hati batu". Those tears just meant that i love her as one of my friend. Ok that's enough or i'll be crying. It's Saturday btw. My mom posted me a box of chocolate & it have been 4 days, the most saddest part is i didn't receive it yet. Whether someone else have taken it or the one who carried it had ate it. Bla bla bla it's seems like November hates me since lots of sad and frustrating things happened in this month. Wanna list?

-I have to leave penang
-Didn't sit in the same class with my friend
-Didn't get the chance to go to langkawi
-Our house is so quiet
-My friend left me
-Didn't receive chocolate
-Expensive books
-Run out of money
-& right now i'm freaking hungry!

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Thank you for reading. Adios & sayonara!

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