Lunch at Johnny's Restaurant.

Assalamualaikum. Omg it's 2013 already! And yeahh I got no special post for 2013. But i'm still thankful to Allah SWT for giving me the chance to breath on this brand new year. "Brand new year" sounds weird lol. I'm eighteen, but umm not officially. If you know what I mean. Currently still working at McD Alma. The customers was kinda rude sometimes, used to be cursed by someone but ugh it's his fault excuse me? "Customer Always Right" Stick to that word! Okay.

Last wednesday, me and my BFF, Syazana Aqila went to Jusco to have our lunch together and share stories. Since we have ended our highschool years, so um it's hard to meet. We have our lunch at Johnny's Restaurant. And i've never realized that the restaurant was actually exist somewhere in Jusco. Plus, we also did some grocery shopping. Gonna post some photos of us..... K enjoy stalking.


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