Favourite Quotes #6

Assalamualaikom and hye peeps :)
How was your day ? happy ? great ! . Jom jom baca quote dekat bawah tuh . For sure it's inspiring . You should read it more than once . Twice is enough (Y)
In life we do things . Some we wish we had never done . Some we wish we could replay a million times in our head . But they all make us who we are , and in the end they shape every detail about us . If we were to reverse any of them we would'nt be the person we are . So just live , make mistakes . Have wonderful memories , but never ever second guess who you are , where you have been , and most importantly where it is you're going .
So get it ? hewhew .  Plus , dalam banyak-2 quotes yang pernah Ieya update dekat blog . Quote nie lahh yang paling panjang and yang paling Ieya suka ! Ieya harap korang faham and suka jugak quote neh , macam Ieya :) haha . Yes , the quote said "So just live , make mistakes" . Tapi jangan lah buat mistake sampai orang meluat kann . Ohh jangan lupa jugak untok tunaikan apa yang wajib yehh umat-2 Islam sekalian . Remember , Allah is Great .

That's all . Tata and Assalamualaikom awok awok sekalian :)

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