Favourite Quotes #5

Assalamualaikom to all muslim yang enter blog Ieya . and Hello to non-muslim . I'm so glad and really appreaciate sebab korang sudi enter blog Ieya yang tak seberapa neh . Nowadays my mood tak menentu . lots of problem , lots of pressure . does'nt matter la cause i'm still alive (Y) *peace . haha . and i'm happy too . . yeah . . a fake smile may hide a million tears rite ? :)

Dalam Facebook , Ieya ada pegang satu page community . and Ieya dah update my fav quotes dekat page tuh so maybe ada orang yang dah baca kan . Quotes tue from someone in twitter yah . i forgot her name but thanks anyway :)
Girls never get mad for no reason . It may be over something small or stupid , but there’s always a reason .
I bet ramai girls yang setuju dengan quote neh . Act , nin bukannya quote pon . more to statement because its true ! xD haha . Ohh yahh . . cakap pasal community tadi kan . Hey Hey You You , support us okeyy ! just CLICK HERE and LIKE us . Thanks you . That's all , tata and assalamualaikom .


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