Favourite Quotes #1

Assalamualaikom and hye my dear stalker :)
This quote is not inspiring but its is kinda funny to girls because this quote is intended to all the boys out there . and i really hope that , no boys get angry bird about this . ahaha :D
Not all guys want sex , because some of us want a relationship . Not all guys like Black Ops , because loving you is more fun. Not all men will hurt you , because some men are decent people . Not all men will abuse you , because some men like to see you smile .   However , all those guys are gay .
cool :D is that true ? well , no comment . hmm , harap-2 my superman is not a gay lahh .  actually , Ieya TERjumpak dengan quote neh waktu Ieya tengah cari something untok kelas Ieya , I mean words untok decorate dinding kelas yang hodoh tuh . bila dah jumpak quote sebegini rupa - apa lagi , post kat blog ! sebab nak share dengan awok , awok dan awok :3 okelah bubye ! :D


Shaidatul Aireen said...

nice quotes . hee . <3

IeYa AmiRa said...

thanks sweety :')

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