Last Night .

Assalamualaikom and Hye my dear stalker :)
Last night , I was sitting on a wood bench which located in my dream . Get it ? Good . While sitting on THAT bench , I wondered "what the hell am I doing here ?" . I mean there . At that time , I can't figured it out . What did I remembered - There's an old lady dressed in white . Damn , she looks so scary ! As I noticed she's heading towards me my heart beats very fast . And bla bla la suddenly , she's next to me . *Waterparkkk ! She's like thousand miles from me and super-old . How can 'now' she's sitting next to me ? Plus , holding both of my hands *my hair bristle* . 

She whispered "Semua akan kembali macam dulu . ." I wish I could describe her face in this blog but IDK why I can't find the proper word to describe her . Back to the story - She's out of the blue which means she's gone . I don't expect that to happened anyway cause it's super-fucking-freaking me out dear old white lady ! I don't even know her name peeps . Oke bla bla bla , I was kinda attracted with the purple light by the river and this river reminds me to : Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ! OhhmyyyAllah . It was chocolate river . It's kinda sad cause i don't get the chance to taste it . Even if I try it , I can't even feel the taste .

Behind 'this' beautiful purple light , I heard the voice of one calling my name . "Mira . . ." And I wake up ! It's time to go to school . Yeahhhhh it's my mom voice . Starting from now , I hate 'that' beautiful purple light . Hahahahahahaha JK . This story should complete and I'll make sure that happens ! I'll ask god to take me to that place again . Pleaseeeeee . By the way - I'll already asked my mom about that old lady who freaking me out  in my own dream . My mom answered "Ohhh , Kenapa tanya mak ? Plus , boleh jadi perempuan tua tuh anak mak bila tua nanti . ." . . Hahahahahaha . That old lady was so beautiful and white while her daughter is black in colour . 

My family and I got a really big problem and I'm kinda stressed nowadays . I just hope everythings gonna be fine like that old lady said "Semua akan kembali macam dulu . ." Dengan izin tuhan , Insyaallah . That's all for today . Thanks for the visit and reading this . Tata and Assalamualaikum :)

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